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Alexa and Jennifer discuss what they've read and enjoyed lately, including dark fantasy, romance, mystery, graphic novels and biographies. They also revisit two timeless children's classics, The Phantom Tollbooth and A Wrinkle in Time

This is the final episode of Checked Out, but please look forward to our new library podcast series, coming in January 2022!

Mariam and David discuss Lafayette's 1824 visit to Lexington, his tour through the 24 states of the United States, and touch briefly on his involvement in the American and French revolutions. David references several books: Hero of two worlds: the Marquis de Lafayette in the Age of Revolution by Mike Duncan; Lafayette In America, in 1824 and 1825: Journal of a Voyage to the United States by... more info

Mariam and Wayne discuss the history of Lexington & Fayette County’s merged governments, one of only fifteen merged city-county governments in the United States. They discuss how and why the merger was planned, how it was enacted, and briefly touch on Lexington’s famous mayoral race, known as the “Spider Election”, of 1973.

Jamie tells an abridged history of Russell’s Cave, Fayette County’s largest cave, including a description of the area, evidence of Native American’s habitation of the land, Colonel William Russell’s military grant of the land including the cave, and our favorite event: the Cassius Marcellus Clay fight with Samuel Brown at a political rally. 

Mariam and Wayne discuss the construction of New Circle Road, the transition of the downtown streets to one way, and other major transportation projects in Lexington. (You might notice some light construction noise after the 25-minute mark - there were renovations happening on the floor above us, our apologies!) An image of Main Street while it was still two-way is available on the Kentucky Photo Archive here

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Producer Erin takes a turn on the other side of the mic to tell the story of the unsolved murder of Alexander T. Hays. She explores the coverage of the crime, the investigation, the suspect, and two theories of the 1846 crime. 

Jennifer and Alexa chat about what they've been reading and listening to since the last podcast.

Mariam and Wayne discuss the National Guard’s shooting of unarmed student protestors on Kent State’s campus in 1970, and how protests against the shooting, including the ROTC building fire, on UK’s campus led to curfews and lockdowns by Kentucky’s Governor. This episode was recorded in September 2020. May 4, 2021 was the 51st anniversary of the shooting, and May 6, 2021, was the 51st anniversary of the fire. An image of the fire and more can be... more info
Mariam interviews Lauren Burke, of the podcast "Bonnets at Dawn", about Elizabeth Keckley, dressmaker for Mary Todd Lincoln. They discuss her life as a slave, her move to Washington D.C., and the effect of her memoir on her relationship with Mary Todd Lincoln. They also discuss Lauren’s podcast, "Bonnets at Dawn", about women writers from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Lauren’s upcoming book about Elizabeth Keckley is titled A Stitch in Time. 
Alexa and Jennifer discuss Regency, Victorian, and contemporary romance titles, the smash hit Bridgerton, and what they've been reading lately. 

(Beginning at minute mark 08:11, they talk about the problematic history of romance novels and consent. If you are uncomfortable with this topic, you can chapter skip to minute mark 11:55.)
Denise guest hosts and give sketches of the lives of three Lexington Civil War era women: Elizabeth Harbeson Hummons (Reminisces of Aunt Betty Hummons), Francis Dallam Peter (A Union Woman in Civil War Kentucky), and Ella Bishop Ransom, who saved a Union flag from Confederates. 
Guest Host Naomi interviews Reverend L. Clark Williams, the chairman of The People’s Campaign, about what progress has been made in Lexington since the June 4, 2020 march of Lexington’s Black Faith Leaders to deliver a call for racial justice to Mayor Linda Gorton, Police Chief Lawrence Weathers, and Sheriff Kathy Witt. 
Join Alexa and Jennifer as they discuss what they've been reading, and are excited to check out this month.
Join Alexa and Jennifer as they discuss what they've been reading, listening to, and watching in the month of November!
Wayne, resident sports expert, interviews sports broadcaster Alan Cutler about his career and new book, Cut to the Chase. Cut to the Chase is available to check out from the library, and is available for purchase online and in local bookstores. 
Checked Out is back and like almost everything, it's looking a little different these days! Join Alexa and Jennifer as they discuss what using the library looks like right now, what they've been reading, and what they're looking forward to checking out in the coming months. 
Mariam and Wayne share the story of David Rice Atchison, born in Lexington, KY and later senator from Missouri, the only person in history who was possibly president for a day.



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Mariam interviews Beverly Bell about her recent book, The Murder of Marion Miley, to mark the 79th anniversary of Marion Miley's death (September 28, 2020). They discuss Beverly’s research into Marion’s life, her interviews with the people closest to Marion at the time of her death, and how America entering World War II affected the memory of her tragic loss.
Wayne tells the story of Pamela Brown and the ill-fated hot air balloon voyage across the Atlantic in 1970, in time for the 50th anniversary of the crash. He tells of her early history and acting career, how they got the idea to try to be the first people to cross the ocean in a hot air balloon, what might have gone wrong with the balloon, and the aftermath of the crash. 

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Mariam tells a brief history of Lexington's first steam powered street roller, named the Willipus Wallipus. This episode was researched and written by Sarah Hubbard, Kentucky Room Manager.
Mariam and Erin, the show's producer and editor, discuss a few of their many favorite moments from Tales from the Kentucky Room. They share clips and some behind the scenes fun as the podcast turns two years old. This episode was recorded online during COVID-19 social distancing. To share your favorite podcast moments with us, visit our Facebook page:
Enjoy this discussion of Lexington born Major League Baseball players that was cut from the Kentucky Baseball episode. We hope you're staying healthy at home!


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