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Story Time Sampler

Here's an example of the story times our children's librarians offer.

I recently did a storytime about squirrels, since it’s the time of year when we see them everywhere. Here are some fun books about squirrels:

Acorns Everywhere! By Kevin Sherry

The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri

Frisky Brisky Hippity Hop by Susan Lurie

Nuts to You! By Lois Ehlert

Ol’ Mama Squirrel by David Ezra Stein

Scaredy Squirrel series by Mélanie Watt

We also made a squirrel from my favorite craft supply, a toilet paper roll. I followed these instructions:

If your kids are feeling an action song from

 blog. This might come in handy on rainy days, when you can’t go outside to get the wiggles out!

 This Brown Squirrel

(Tune: This Old Man)

 This brown squirrel, he climbs trees.

 He climbs trees with lots of leaves.

 With a thump, jump, never bump, 

Give the squirrel a nut,

This brown squirrel amazes us!

This brown squirrel, he hides nuts,

 He hides nuts from here to there,

With a scratch, scratch, bury that,

Give the squirrel a nut,

 This brown squirrel amazes us!

This brown squirrel, he builds nests,

 He builds nests up high in trees.

 With a crunch, scrunch, gather leaves,

 Give the squirrel a nut,

This brown squirrel amazes us!

The craft and the action song both give children opportunities for pretend play. When children pretend to be squirrels, they are learning how to tell stories. They often use the books they have read as the basis for their pretend play. Acting out stories you have read, or making up new ones, helps children develop the language skills they need to become good readers.