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Computer Classes

This is a list of upcoming computer classes at Lexington Public Library locations.  Unless noted, all classes are free, one-time sessions.  Advance registration is required and can be completed by clicking on the class's "Register Now" link.

Please note any prerequisites and review General Class Information before registering for a class.  You can view a diagram of the sequence of classes here.  Handouts and files used in classes can be accessed here.


Don't have time to come in for a class?

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Cover Letters 101

What to say and how long you should take to say it. Learn what it takes to write an attention catching cover letter. Prerequisite: Solid familiarity with word processing programs or Intermediate Features of MS Word.

Central Library - Computer Center

How to Speak Basic Computer: A Regular Person's Introduction to Coding

Ever thought about learning a computer language, but had no clue where to start? Students will get a general overview of computer languages, along with some gentle exploration of using basic Python3 code. Prerequisite: Internet Basics or prior experience navigating the web.

Central Library - Computer Center

Intermediate Features of Excel

Learn about linked cells, filtering and intermediate formulas. Prerequisite: Introduction to Excel or previous experience with Excel.

Central Library - Computer Center

Mouse and keyboard Basics

To click or double click - that is the question. Get the hang of mouse use with a hands-on tutorial and improve your typing skills too! No computer experience necessary.

Registration begins on December 30th
Central Library - Computer Center
Registration begins on January 18th
Central Library - Computer Center

PC Basics

Save your work and find it again. Create folders, learn how to move saved documents and pictures from one place to another, and discover the tools to keep your computer organized. Prerequisite: Students should be able to use the mouse and keyboard.

Registration begins on January 6th
Central Library - Computer Center

Resumes 101

One page or two? Graphics? Bullet points? Learn the does and don'ts of resume creation and how to make yourself more attractive to employers. Prerequisite: Solid familiarity with word processing programs or Intermediate Features of MS Word.

Central Library - Computer Center

Windows Advanced

Want all your settings at your fingertips? Want a better way to see all the programs available on your computer? Learn about helpful shortcuts and ways you can customize Windows to better suit you. Prerequisite: Windows Basics or previous experience using Windows settings and features.

Central Library - Computer Center