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Computer Class

Learn the basic process of Mod Creation from concept to installation, build new ores and tools, create new skins, and make a simple 3d model for a new monster. Ages 11-14. Registration required.
Record, mix, and share a song with our Audio Maker... more
Looking to become the next big YouTube star? Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever to create and share... more

Are you an aspiring artist, often doodling your favorite super heroes and comic book characters? Have you ever thought about creating your very own comic book? If so, this Camp Digital workshop is the one for you! We'll use programs... more

Learn about linked cells, filtering and intermediate formulas. Prerequisite: Introduction to Excel or previous experience with Excel.
Learn how to sign up, build, and run your very own Etsy Shop. We'll talk about how to format and upload images, write interesting and engaging product descriptions, keep yourself organized for tax time, and tackle the dreaded question: How much should I... more
Uncover the dangers you can encounter online, software that can help protect your computer, and steps you can take to keep both you and your computer safer online. Prerequisite: Internet Basics or previous internet experience.
Discover the controls and formulas needed to create a basic spreadsheet and chart. Prerequisite: Introduction to MS Word or previous experience using spreadsheet software.
Get help with your college application, wherever you are in the process. Gain tips on essays, recommendation letters, scholarships, and where to find more resources.
Firefox. Internet Explorer. Google Chrome. Learn your way around a browser and the tools that can make working with webpages a breeze. Prerequisite: Students should be able to use the mouse and keyboard.


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