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Digital Studio

Northside Branch
1733 Russell Cave Rd.

The mission of the Digital Studio is to provide library customers with access to cutting edge video, photo and graphics editing programs. 

The studio is a place where aspiring filmmakers can learn to take their ideas from inception to completion, where photographers and digital artists make their unique vision reality, a place for musicians to create and edit their own music and where web designers and digital communicators share it all with the world.  It’s also a place for people who simply want to restore and preserve precious historic and family media.  It’s a place where people of all ages and levels of knowledge can create, share and encourage each other.

Open Studio Hours

Studio is available to the general public:

Monday9:30 am - 8:45 pm
Tuesday1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Wednesday9:30 am - 8:45 pm
Thursday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Friday9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday1:00 pm - 4:45 pm
Sunday1:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Digital Studio Information

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Digital Studio Classes

Don't have time to come in for a class?

We also offer a wide range of online computer training opportunities for free through

3D Printing Basics

3D printing has made its way to the Digital Studio! This 2-hr session will run through the basics of using our new 3D printers. We'll start with setting up a print job, work our way through loading the filament, and finish by printing a small object.

Completion of this course is required to utilize the Digital Studio's 3D makerspace.
Northside Branch - Digital Studio
Registration begins on July 11th
Northside Branch - Digital Studio

Camp Digital: Movie Maker

Looking to become the next big YouTube star? Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever to create and share videos across the web. During this workshop, teens will have an opportunity to plan, film, and edit a short movie about their hobbies and interests. Thanks to the Digital Studio's green screen, you can shoot this film anywhere in the world...or even outer space! Ages 12-16. Registration required
Registration begins on July 5th
Northside Branch - Digital Studio

Colorize a Black and White Photo

Learn to colorize a black and white photo with Photoshop actions and painting. All photos will be provided.

Prerequisite: Photoshop Basics

Northside Branch - Digital Studio
Registration begins on July 1st
Northside Branch - Digital Studio

Illustrator 2: Vector Art

Create original Vector Art using various tools in Adobe Illustrator.

Prerequisite: Illustrator Basics.

Registration begins on July 15th
Northside Branch - Digital Studio

Illustrator Basics

Learn the basics of creating graphic designs and images from photos and creating unique material using the basic tools and processes of Illustrator.
Registration begins on July 8th
Northside Branch - Digital Studio

Introduction to Mac

We will cover the basics of using Apple software and hardware. Some experience with computers is necessary. This class will be using Mac OS X Sierra.
Registration begins on July 6th
Northside Branch - Digital Studio

Introduction to Mac 2

We will continue to cover the basics of using Apple's Mac OS X Sierra. We'll start to learn more advanced features of Apple's OS such as creating folders, using external drives, and formatting hard drives. 

Prerequisite: Introduction to Mac
Registration begins on July 13th
Northside Branch - Digital Studio

Photoshop Basics

Learn about the interface and basic tools of Adobe Photoshop. You'll also learn how to effectively use and work with layers in Photoshop.
Northside Branch - Digital Studio

Photoshop for Photographers

Learn how to retouch your photographs like the professionals, restore old photographs, and use Adobe Camera RAW to improve the lighting, color, and composition of the image.

Prerequisite: Photoshop Basics.

Northside Branch - Digital Studio


Learn the basics of 3d architectural modeling with Sketchup, a free program for mac or pc.
Registration begins on July 4th
Northside Branch - Digital Studio