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How Do I? - Use Wireless Internet Access at the LPL

Now you can use the Internet from anywhere within the library—and of course, it is free.

Lexington Public Library has installed a wireless network in all our locations. Customers can connect to the Internet using their own notebook computers with a special type of wireless receiver.

In order to use this resource, you will need a laptop or hand-held computer with a wireless network adaptor. A, B and G wireless standards are all supported. Local computer retailers and office supply stores stock a large variety of these cards. If you are considering purchasing a new handheld or notebook computer, be sure to inquire about selecting a model that has built-in 802.11b hardware.

Once your wireless card has been installed, you will need to configure your computer to obtain our network information automatically (using a technique called DHCP) and inform your computer of our wireless network name (SSID).

The SSID for all Lexington Public Library locations is

If your computer is not currently configured for DHCP, you may make the changes as outlined:

Configuring Wireless Networking for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

  • Click start -> connect to -> wireless network connection.
  • Click “refresh network list” on the left hand column.
  • Click “” once, then click connect.

Configuring Wireless Networking for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1

  • Click start -> connect to -> wireless network connection.
  • Click properties. Click on the wireless networks tab.
  • Check the box “use windows to configure my wireless network connection.”
  • Click “refresh” in the Available Networks box.
  • Click “” once, then click “ok.”

Instructions for PowerBooks and iBooks with built-in AirPort cards

  • In the AirPort Control Strip at the bottom of the screen click and scroll up to "" If you do not have your Control Strip turned on, you can select "AirPort" from the Apple Menu and select "" next to "Choose network:." At this point you should see one or more of the AirPort signal indicators. If you are seeing one or no indicators lit, move to another location within the library.
  • Open your TCP/IP Control Panel (Apple Menu > Control Panels > TCP/IP). Select "AirPort" next to "Connect via:." Also, "Configure:" should be set to "Using DHCP Server."

Frequently Asked Questions about the Lexington Public Library wireless network

Can I access this free network from my home or office?

Unfortunately, wireless Internet connections have a relatively short range. While you might be able to receive our signal anywhere within our buildings, it will not span much further than about 50 feet outside of this building.

Does the Lexington Public Library loan notebook computers and wireless cards?

Because of the risk of damage and theft, the Lexington Public Library does not loan wireless equipment. Patrons who wish to use the Internet may use library workstations for free.

If I have a wireless card, can I use it in other places?

Yes—many public locations are now beginning to offer wireless Internet access. Coffee shops, airports, hotels, even sports stadiums have begun to offer access. Not all locations are free, however.

Can I use the Internet anywhere in the building?

It is the library’s intent to offer 100% coverage throughout its buildings. If you find a “dead spot” that signals do not reach, please let a library employee know so the issue can be addressed.

Can I use my corporate network or gaming software with this network?

This network was designed to offer wireless web browsing to as many different computer types as possible. It is very possible that your other applications will work as well, but there is no guarantee that any given application will work flawlessly.

Can you help me install my wireless card and software?

Instructions have been included with this pamphlet to address the most common issues. Unfortunately, the library staff is not trained on extensive computer troubleshooting, so will not be able to assist you. Using the information provided in this pamphlet, you should be able to contact the technical support department of the manufacturer of your computer equipment and resolve any issues.

Does it matter what brand of wireless card I have (or purchase)?

No, and there are a lot of very good brands available. Just make sure the card you select is 802.11b and Wi-Fi compatible. Nearly any card you would find at a computer store will meet these standards—but ask a sales technician for help if you are uncertain.

Is wireless Internet usage safe?

You might have heard on the news how some companies have misused wireless technology and have had some of their confidential information “hacked.” Wireless Internet usage, like any Internet connection, can be hacked into by sophisticated computer hackers. Users of wireless technology balance the relatively low risk with the convenience of being able to work from the location they choose, not just within a few feet of a phone jack. Most industry experts would advise anyone to use wireless cautiously—keep your confidential and financial transactions off the airwaves.

Is there a charge for utilizing the wireless connection at the Lexington Public Library?

No, there is not. This service is absolutely free.

Does the Lexington Public Library regulate the usage of its Internet connection?

Anyone who uses the Internet at the Lexington Public Library is bound to the library’s usage agreement. If you wish to review the usage agreement, please ask to see a copy at any service desk.