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Kentucky Birth, Death and Marriage Records

Vital Records in Kentucky

The Government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky kept no birth, marriage, or death records prior to 1852. The first vital statistics law, passed by the Kentucky General Assembly in January, 1852, required the Auditor’s Office assessors of the tax to record births, marriages, and deaths each year as they assessed property for the tax. The Auditor’s Office never did the job well, and constantly complained about this additional task assigned it. This vital statistics law was repealed in 1862.

Kentucky Death Certificates 1911-1961

Death certificates are of particular interest to genealogists and family historians. These records often contain the names of the parents of the deceased, the place of burial, and other information of genealogical interest.

Death certificates as public records have been released for 1911 through 1961, and are available on microfilm in the Kentucky Room on the third floor of the Central Library.

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