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Friends of the Library

Annual Book Sale

October 17th–25th

11am - 7pm each day


125 E. Reynolds Rd. Suite 115, Lexington, KY

(Right next to Office Max in Crossroads Shopping Ctr.)

October 17th, 11am-7pm:  Friends Day  Members only.  Memberships available at the door.  No strollers, please.
October 18th  to Friday, October 24th, 11am-7pm
October 25th, 11am-7pm:  Bag Day  Bags provided.  No strollers, please.

If you would like to volunteer for the sale, please call 231-5505 or email:

Sale Details

Hardbacks are priced $1.00. Paperbacks are $.25. Children's books are specially priced, as are other items: albums, CD's, videos, magazines, and… well it's a very long list. Typically, we have more than 100,000 items available.

Each sale runs for nine days. The first day is only for members of Friends of the Lexington Public Library. For membership information, see our membership application. During these sales, the Friends’ 10% discount applies only to items purchased in the Friends Book Cellar.

The other days of each sale are open to anyone. The last two days are special: Saturday is 2-for-1 Day, and Sunday is Bag Day. Each paper grocery bag full is just $2. (We provide the bags.)

The Friends Book Cellar is open throughout each sale with our regular great prices.

Gift certificates for the Friends Book Cellar are now available.

There are NO limits on the number of books you may buy at our sales!

Book Sale Rules

When you visit the Book Sale, here are a few things to remember. So many people and so many books can cause problems with Fire Code violations and accidents.

To keep our sale safe and fair to everyone, please:

  • Leave food, drink, pets. roller blades, bicycles, skateboards and shopping carts outside.
  • Supervise your children.
  • Don't remove quantities of books to examine and later decide which ones you want to purchase. This is not fair to other shoppers.
  • Don't sit on the floor because someone may fall over you. Keep the aisles open without stacking books or boxes.
  • Use only small 2-wheeled carts. Strollers with children are not permitted on Wednesdays and Sundays so we can keep the aisles open.

We have made these rules in respect for everyone's safety.

Thank you and happy shopping!

Mission Statement

In appreciation of the role the Library plays in the quality of life in this area, the Friends of the Lexington Public Library provides financial, advocacy and volunteer support to the Library, and functions consistently with the goals and objectives of the Lexington Public Library and its Board of Trustees.

Lexington Public Library
Central Library, Lower Level
140 East Main St
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 231-5505

Monday - Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday: open 1st Sunday of each month 1pm - 5pm

Learn more about the Friends Book Cellar.

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