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Totally 80s

Break out your Rubik's Cube, put on your parachute pants, and relive a decade of pop culture with these totally awesome classics from the 1980s.

The Arab Uprisings

The uprisings in the Middle East seemingly exploded out of the blue in the winter of 2010. But it’s a phenomenon that has been simmering for decades; and is currently one of the most volatile and fluid situations that has stumped even the most seasoned analysts and "experts" in the field trying to make sense of the “Arab Spring”. This collection of books gives readers a thorough understanding of the current landscape of the Middle East and the ever changing dynamics of that region, as well as the socio-political history that brought it to this point.

Stranger Than Fiction

I love reading non-fiction. As a librarian, I admire the amount of research an author must undertake to write a book on any subject. As a reader, I am riveted by the wide variety of weirdness to be uncovered and encountered.  I mean, you just can’t make up this stuff!

Now That You’re Watching Downton Abbey…

I love history, so I have been riveted by the BBC series, Downton Abbey.  As many of you probably know, it takes place during the Edwardian period in England right before and during World War I.  It’s interesting to see how the characters face the change that England goes through as it enters into one of the deadliest wars the world has ever experienced.  It truly changed the world!

Engrossing Non-Fiction

I like reading non-fiction that reads like a great story. When non-fiction is done well you feel connected to the people being written about and you feel like you are right there with them.

Zaphod Beeblebrox’s Summer Reading List

Let's Go to the Zoo

Winter Picture Books

Winter means it's time to hibernate. Here are some picture books about our bear friends who hibernate. Recommended for toddlers and preschoolers.

Coretta Scott King Award Winners

The Coretta Scott King Award recognizes books that present positive images of African Americans. Here's a list of recent winners.


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