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DA Collection physical training from united states army training center, armor 1967
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United States Army Armor School, Fort Knox

The US Army Armor School collection contains yearbooks of basic training graduates from Fort Knox.
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United States Army Training Center Armor Yearbook Cover

The United States Army Armor School began in 1940 as the Armored Force School and Replacement Center at Fort Knox, Kentucky. It spent a few years post World War II as inactive, until the 3rd Armored Division was reactivated in 1947, and became the US Army Training Center, Armor (USATCA), in 1956. Both Army and Marines soldiers received training on a variety of subjects and equipment.

Fort Knox hosted the school until it moved to Fort Benning, Georgia, in 2010, as the US Army Armor School. The yearbooks in the collection contain the names and photographs of the officers, NCOs, and graduates of the 8 week basic combat training at Fort Knox. There are also many photographs of the various buildings, training, and activities.

Collection Content

Available yearbooks:

  • 28 February 1959
  • 21 August 1964
  • 9 December 1966
  • 15 December 1967
  • 30 August 1968
  • 26 October 1972
  • 16 May 1974, donated in memory of Arnold Bruce Snowden (1954-2012)

Some yearbooks have been digitized by the Allen County Public Library, and are available to view on the Internet Archive.