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The Lexington Public Library’s Digital Archives provide open access to researchers and students to learn more about the rich history of Lexington and Fayette County. It contains a fraction of the Library’s physical holdings, which are housed and available for reference in the Kentucky Room at the Central Library. New material is being digitized and added constantly, so there's always something new to find.

The archives have a simple keyword search, and it is possible to browse the collections by subject, area, or decade. The Lexington Public Library actively reviews and labels materials in our archives with statements that indicate how you may reuse the images, and what sort of permission, if any, you need to do so. Please check the information for each image to determine its legal status.

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Digital Archives - Collection - Group

The Kentucky History collection contains Kentucky-related documents not specifically related to Fayette County.

Digital Archives - Collection - Group

Fayette County, Kentucky, has changed enormously since it was created in 1792.  This collection contains documents about the people, places, and history of Fayette County.

Digital Archives - Collection - Group

The library has a variety of directories and yearbooks with local information.

Digital Archives - Collection - Group

The Kentucky Images collection contains postcards, photographs and slides of people, architecture, and locations in Kentucky and Appalachia.

Digital Archives - Collection - Group
The Community Collections consist of objects shared from local community residents and organizations. Individuals have lent items of local significance to the library to give the larger community awareness and access.
Digital Archives - Collection - Group

The Publications Collection contains runs of Kentucky newspapers and magazines.

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Everyone deserves a place to discover something new. The Lexington Public Library stands for free and open access to information. We’re a safe, welcoming space for neighbors to come together — opening the door so all Lexingtonians can find what they’re looking for.

Digital Archives - Collection

The Fayette County Postcard collection contains images of well-known sites in Central Kentucky, such as Keeneland, Tr

Digital Archives - Collection

In 1917, the Woman’s Club of Central Kentucky hosted a series of speakers giving historical sketches on people and pl