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Bill Widener
Cindy Butor
Stevie Moore

Bill Widener has been a comics fan since his Batmaniacal childhood in the 1960s. For years , he studied and collected comic books while developing his skills as a cartoonist. In 2014, Widener found himself deeply alienated from the business by the constant event-mongering and rebooting by the major publishers. He was also looking to get back into drawing after several year away from the board. Discovering that people still did zines, Widener began his own, Comics Funnies, March of that year. Comics Funnies has published 19 issues, with two Summer Specials, first in a 16 page format, then 32 pages, before settling into the current 24 page format. Widener has used his zine to reprint work from his prolific, if not profitable, career as a artist, discover and discuss ads and oddities from his own huge comics collection, and create new material about old favorites. Looking to rediscover his love for comic books has led Widener to the pleasures of parody, imitation being his sincerest form of flattery. Copies of Comics Funnies will be available at the upcoming Kentucky Fried Zinefest, Saturday, September 9th.


Cindy Butor is the Book Van Coordinator at the Lexington Public Library and has been drawing and creating comics ever since she first discovered anime as a child.  She has received a grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women to draw a comic about the frontovichki, Soviet women soldiers in World War II, and is currently drawing a script for a comic entitled “Honk If You Like Pizza.”  The pieces on display are meant to show the process of comics, whether that be forming a cohesive portfolio, how to read a comic, or the steps involved in creating one.  She hopes to show visitors how much thought and effort go into creating a comic and encourages them, regardless of their age, to try to make their own.


Stephen (Stevie) R. Moore is a Lexington Kentucky artist and illustrator specializing in paleo-art, natural history subjects and wildlife art.  Stevie has a degree in fine art from the University of Kentucky and currently works as a muralist, art instructor, and freelance illustrator out of his home studio.  Primarily working in oil paints and digitally with Adobe Photoshop, Stevie enjoys painting Dinosaurs and Paleoart, as well as doing creature design, and concept art. His other interests include aviation, aquariums, nature, photography, art, and history.