Lexington Public Library

Lexington Public Library Celebrates Black History Month

Lexington, Kentucky (February 1, 2024) – This February, Lexington Public Library is proud to join the nation in celebrating Black History Month, a time dedicated to honoring the achievements, contributions, and rich cultural heritage of African Americans.
Throughout the month, the library will host a variety of events, programs, and resources that highlight the importance of Black history in our community and beyond. These offerings aim to educate, inspire, and foster a deeper understanding of the significant impact Black individuals have had on various aspects of society.
"Lexington Public Library proudly embarks on a journey of celebration and reflection as we honor Black History Month,” said Library Executive Director Heather Diefenbach. “Throughout February, we invite the community to join us in exploring the profound impact, rich heritage, and enduring contributions of African Americans through a diverse array of events and resources. Let us come together to learn, appreciate, and commemorate the inspiring stories that have shaped our shared history."
Lexington Public Library is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming space where all members of the community can come together to learn, celebrate, and reflect on the richness of Black history. By offering a diverse range of events and resources, the library aims to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of our shared history.
For a complete listing of Black History Month programs at the Library, please visit lexpublib.org/bhm.   For general information on Lexington Public Library, their programs, and their partners, please visit www.lexpublib.org and their social media pages @lexpublib.