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S'mores on the Grill

Forget the camp fire! Forget the regular ole s'mores! We will be grilling gourmet s'mores! Ingredients used in todays program: IMPORTANT: You will need an adult to help with cutting ingredients and grilling! The following recipes require aluminum foil sheets to wrap the s’mores in before putting them on the grill. Gourmet S’mores Recipes: The Dutch Windmill cookies Peanut butter Chocolate sprinkles (aka: Hagelslag) Marshmallow The Fluffernutter Graham crackers Peanut butter Marshmallow Hershey’s chocolate bar The Chocolate Strawberry Chocolate graham crackers White chocolate bar Fresh strawberry slices Marshmallow The Tiramisu Coffee stroopwafels Whipped cream cheese Coconut white chocolate bar Marshmallow The Maple Bacon Maple stroopwafels Chili chocolate bar Marshmallow Bacon

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Lexington Public Library