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Kentucky Progress Magazine

The Kentucky Progress Commission was formed in 1928 in order to draw tourism and business to Kentucky. It was formed by the Kentucky Legislature, and was a 12 person board. The “Kentucky Progress Magazine” was used by the board to promote Kentucky, and features local interest stories, photographs of people, places, and activities. It also features ads placed by various cities around the state.

It was published monthly from September 1928 through August 1932, and continued quarterly until the Spring issue of 1936. This is a complete run with the exception of volume 3, issue 4, so if a donor has a loose copy to lend for scanning, that would be appreciated.

Some issues contain material that is under copyright, but qualifies for display by libraries under Section 108(h) of US Copyright Law. It is the user's responsibility to determine the copyright status of the material they want to use. If a section is hidden, please contact us at to view it.

Kentucky Progress Magazine. Fall 1932 cover image
Kentucky Progress Magazine, Spring 1933 cover image
Kentucky Progress Magazine, Summer 1933 cover image
Kentucky Progress Magazine, Winter 1933 cover image