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Who’s the Scammer? A Tale of a Horse Sale (2021)

Join us for a dramatic reading by the TFKR Radio Players of several ads taken out by Dennis Nichols and Tazewell Marr in the 1846 Observer & Reporter, each accusing the other of foul play in the sale of a horse that was either already lame or became lame shortly after the sale. The injury to the horse is described as a spavin, which is an osteoarthritis condition and is degenerative. We checked for deeds and court records for the sale and threat of court action, but we weren’t able to find any records to say how this turned out. We hope you enjoy this special episode as much as we enjoyed recording it. 

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Tales from the Kentucky Room is hosted by Mariam Addarrat and produced by Erin West.

Mariam is the Manager of Collection Services. She has worked at the Lexington Public Library since 2013, where she started as a Librarian at the Central Library. Currently, she’s enjoying listening to podcasts on history, cooking, parenting, and gardening.

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