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Carly Muetterties - Advisory Board

Carly Muetterties

Carly Muetterties is the Director of Learning Design at Newsela, an edtech company. She works with a team to provide educational resources that support teachers in creating authentic and meaningful learning experiences for their students. A former social studies teacher, Carly has a passion for emboldening educators to enact inquiry-based learning and provide opportunities for civic engagement. Carly has a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education in Social Studies (University of Kentucky), Master of Arts in History (UK), Master of Arts in German Studies (UK), Master of Arts in Education (Georgetown College), and a Ph.D. in Education Sciences (UK). Carly is active in civic organizations. Across her career, she has volunteered and collaborated with several national and state organizations. At present, she is on the Programmatic Board of CivicLex, executive council for the Kentucky Council for the Social Studies, and chairs the Kentucky Civic Education Coalition.

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