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Lexington City Reports

The city reports and ordinances for Lexington contain a wide variety of information about the people, infrastructure, and businesses. 

The Lexington ordinances contain the laws and procedures for local government and departments, as well as local elections. The charter covers the incorporation of the city of Lexington.

The reports for the various city departments vary from year to year, but in general contain the mayor and city officers, and reports for the city clerk, auditor, treasurer, jailer, solicitor, attorney, assessor, license officer, health officer, city physician, fire and police departments, public works, parks, and sometimes special projects, like a temporary smallpox ward or the orphan home. Often the reports include specifics on city streets, and businesses with accounts with Lexington for goods and services.

All other Lexington city reports and plans can be found by clicking here.

Lexington Annual City Reports

  • 1894
  • 1896
  • 1908
  • 1923

City Ordinances and Charters


1894 City Tax Collector Report

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