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What is Early Literacy?

Early literacy does not mean teaching young children how to read. Instead, it means helping children develop the skills they will need to become successful readers. Early literacy activities build rich language skills: vocabulary, self-expression, and understanding (comprehension). These skills help children make sense of printed words when they start reading.

Children’s Librarians have identified five early literacy practices that help children get ready to read. Here is a list of the five early literacy practices, and some activities you can do with your child to develop his or her language skills:  playing, singing, reading, talking, and writing.


Early Literacy Materials

Our Children’s Librarians put together a monthly early literacy calendar for viewing or printing. Each day has a different activity you can complete at home or on the go:

Consult these additional resources for reviews of apps designed for improving early literacy:


Ready for Kindergarten

Any child who turns 5 on or before August 1st is eligible to start full-day Kindergarten in August.  You should register your child for Kindergarten at the school assigned to your area.

Kindergarten readiness doesn't happen overnight; the longer you work with your child, the more prepared he or she will be.  Here are some of the recommendations from the Fayette County Public Schools and the Kentucky Governor's Office of Early Childhood. (These links provide checklists that can help you determine what skills you can encourage and practice with your child.  These skills are not required to enter Kindergarten.)


The Lexington Public Library is committed to Kindergarten readiness.  Here are some of the ways we can help your child become ready for Kindergarten:


Looking for other tools for Kindergarten readiness?