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Laptop Checkout

What Is A Laptop Checkout?

Lexington Public Library now lends laptop computers to patrons 18 and over (all you need is a library card).

  • Your laptop checks out for 14 days, and will automatically renew itself if there are no holds.
  • If you have email notices set up, you’ll get an email if there is a hold on it and it can’t be renewed.
  • Press the power button to power up the laptop. It will automatically log itself in.
  • If WiFi is available, the computer will automatically connect to it. If the WiFi has a password, you’ll need to type it in before the WiFi will connect.
    • You can access the internet with your own WiFi connection, either at home or using a public WiFi signal, like the Library’s.
  • To access the programs included on the laptop,click on the Start Menu.
  • The laptops have virus protection included.
  • All user data will be erased when the laptop is returned, so your privacy is protected.

Laptop Instruction Sheet in English and Spanish


How Do I Get Started?

Watch a 'How To Video'.

Laptop How To English


Laptop How To en Español


Quick Start Guide In English

Guía de inicio rápido en español



Reserve a laptop today!

Laptops are available on a first-come, first-serve availability basis. The devices come in a shell case with all the necessary cables.


Need a Wifi Hotspot for Internet?

We also make Wifi Hotspots avalable for checkout.

Need Help?

Contact us by emailphone or in person at any library location.