Central Library exterior

Central Library Parking Garage

The Central Library's Parking Garage is available to our customers or anyone needing a parking space.  There are 428 parking spots in the garage, 10 of which are handicapped or van accessible.  The height clearance for garage entry is 13'1".  The height clearance for parking access is 6'4".

Two hours of free parking is provided with a ticket validated inside the Central Library.



From Main Street:  Our parking garage is located between the Police Department and the Lexington Public Library at 140 East Main Street.  As you are traveling west down Main Street, the entrance to the parking garage will be on your left. If you reach Limestone Street, you have gone too far.

From Vine Street:  After you cross (or turn from) Limestone Street, take a left onto Quality Street. Almost immediately, turn left onto Water Street. The garage entrance will be on your right before you reach the end of Water Street.


Two hours of free parking is provided with a ticket validated inside the Central Library.  The following parking rates apply for customers staying longer than 2 hours and individuals whose tickets are not validated. There is a maximum fee of $12.00 per day.

Hourly Rates
1 hour or less
1 hours - 2 hours
2 hours - 4 hours
4 hours - 8 hours
8 hours to 12 hours
Over 12 hours
Longer Rates
Weekly passes
Monthly parking
Replacement card $10.00

Monthly Parking

Parking Garage Access Cards (also known as Parking Passes) are available for individuals. A monthly fee rents a Parking Garage Access card for unlimited parking in the Library Parking Garage. Weekly passes are also available.

To apply for your Parking Garage Access Card,  please download this form and bring it, along with your first month’s payment, to the 5th floor Administration Office in the Central Library. If you prefer, applications are also available in the Administration Office. If you will be parking for 3 weeks or less your first month, you will be billed at our weekly rates to maximize your savings.

Please make sure you understand the Rules and Regulations, as abuse of the Parking Garage Access Card may result in parking privileges being revoked.


Rules and Regulations
Violations of the rules and regulations, including destruction and/or abuse of the parking garage access card may result in having parking privileges revoked.

  • Parking Cards are programed for a one-in, one-out system. You must scan your card upon entering and exiting each time regardless of whether the garage gate is up or down.
  • The Parking Card is to be used only by the individual to whom the card was issued.
  • One monthly parking card allows an individual one space in the garage.
  • The parking garage access card is not to be scanned to allow other drivers to enter or leave the parking structure at any time.
  • Allowing other drivers to tailgate upon entering or exiting the garage is prohibited.
  • Those with monthly parking passes are required to pay by the 15th of each month.


Thank you for paying your monthly garage invoice online.  For questions/concerns, please contact us here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my parking pass working?

The Parking Cards are programmed for a one-in, one-out system. If the gate was up the last time you went in or out, it’s possible your card is out of sync.

Did you let someone out using your pass or allow another parking customer to tailgate? If so, it’s likely your pass has been turned off. You will need to call 859-231-5504 to have your pass turned back on.

If neither of these reasons apply to you, you may have a defective card. You may receive a new card through the Lexington Public Library Administration Office, Central Library 5th floor.

I have a guest staying with me. Can I use my pass to let them out?

No. You may pay the hourly fee or purchase a parking pass for 1 or 2 weeks. See the Rates section for additional details.

When I left the garage, my card didn’t work and I had to pay cash. Can I get reimbursed?

Sure. Bring the receipt to the Administration Office, Central Library 5th floor, and we’ll take care of it.

My roommate and I get a parking pass with our rent. Can we share the card?

No, each vehicle parked in the garage needs a separate access card.  Park Plaza provides one access card, therefore one parking space, for each apartment.  One vehicle is registered as the primary vehicle for the apartment.  Any other vehicles parked in the Garage must be registered through Lexington Public Library to receive their own access card, or pay daily rates.  Storage of additional vehicles can also be arranged.  As stated in the Rules and Regulations, one parking pass equals one space, so only one vehicle.

People are coming to stay with me for a week. Do they have to pay the hourly rate to get in and out?

You may pay the hourly fee or purchase a parking pass for 1 or 2 weeks. See the Rates section for additional details.

How do I cancel my monthly parking account?

Bring your card to the Lexington Public Library Administration Office, Central Library 5th floor, and we will terminate your account.