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Website Browser Suggestions

With constant changes in computer technology, regularly updating software is important not only for compatibility issues but also for good security practices.

If you are having trouble viewing or using our web site, updating your web browser may help.  Older versions can be updated to the most current one for free:


Please also ensure that cookies and Javascript are enabled in your web browser.


Cookies, like most web sites, uses a feature of your browser to set a "cookie" on your computer. We cannot gather your name or any other personal information about you based solely on the cookie. Unless you specifically tell us your name and other identifying information, we will never know who you are. All the cookie tells us is what you do -- meaning what functions you perform -- when you are on the site so that we can keep track of your transaction in our ongoing quest to improve the website experience. Cookies are used to help authenticate you to use our online databases. Please make sure they are enabled for your browser.

Every browser allows you to reject cookies or to choose which cookies you will accept. Doing so, however, may sometimes interfere with your ability to use all the features of If you choose not to allow cookies, you may not benefit from the special features offered by the site.


Like cookies, uses JavaScript to enhance your viewer experience. If you want our website to render as expected, we ask that you enable JavaScript. If you are experiencing difficulties on our site, please make sure that your browser is set to allow JavaScript.

Outside Links may occasionally offer links to other sites. Any time you click on a link and are transported to another site, you should be aware that the other site may have a different privacy policy than We cannot control the policies of other sites. Also, any external link that we provide on does not represent the views or endorsement of any product or business outside the Lexington Public Library.