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More than 250 individuals had records expunged and/or found gainful employment

Lexington, Kentucky (May 5, 2022) – Lexington Public Library announced today the success of last Friday’s Clean Slate Lexington Expungement Clinic and Job Fair which was co-sponsored by LFUCG. Thanks to 35 volunteer attorneys, 254 individuals who had their records expunged and/or received advice on how to progress through the legal system. Approximately 1000 job opportunities were represented at the event.

“The Library is delighted by the positive outcomes from the recent Expungement Clinic and Job Fair,” said Lexington Public Library Executive Director Heather Dieffenbach. “We’re proud to partner with LFUCG to create opportunities for members of our community in need of and deserving a second chance.  We’re also excited to see many employers exploring second-chance employment as another avenue to expand their workforces during the current labor shortage.”

Clean Slate Lexington allows residents who have been convicted of certain crimes a second chance by expunging their criminal record. An expungement erases, destroys or seals your criminal record. By eliminating your criminal record, new opportunities are available for jobs, financial aid for education and even housing, as old convictions and unproven charges can still show up on background checks. An expungement also provides the opportunity to have your voting rights restored.

The Library distributed 200 totes with job information and community resources to support re-entry.  A team of library staff was on site to provide resume assistance, issue library cards, and connect individuals with educational, housing, and healthcare resources.  

“Partnerships like this serve as an important reminder of our shared commitment to making Lexington a better place for all,” said the Library’s Director of Education Clarissa Thomas. “Additionally, this is an effective way for employers to champion diversity and inclusion since minority populations are statistically more likely to be affected by the justice system.”

For more information on Lexington Public Library, their programs, and their partners, please visit and their social media pages @lexpublib.