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Lexington Public Library Walking Tours

Downtown Lexington’s Public Art Walking Tour

Full Walking Tour: 

Join us for a walking tour of Downtown Lexington’s public art. The full tour is available as a single MP3, or you can download individual tracks. For the single MP3, music will play between the stops. You can pause the track while you walk between stops.

This tour covers a walking distance of 1 mile.

The music clips used in this tour are from “Walking Barefoot on Grass” by Kai Engel, and are used with a CCBY license. It is available here:

Please note:  "Moonshine" (Stop #5) suffered extensive water damage and has been removed since this tour was recorded.

Stop #1 - Concordia

140 E. Main Street - Map It

Stop #2 - Untitled

West Short Street at North Limestone - Map It

Daughter of Immigrants, Untitled, and The Night Watchers

Daughter of Immigrants
The Night Watchers
West Short Street at Wrenn Court - Map It

Lily and the Silly Monkeys

Lily and the Silly Monkeys
West Short Street at Market Street - Map It

Stop #5 - Moonshine

307 West Short Street - Map It

Stop # 6 - Tulip Poplar

Tulip Poplar
118 North Broadway - Map It

Stop #7 - Surface Reflections

Surface Reflections
Between 230 & 250 West Main Street - Map It

Stop #8 - The Great Compromiser Lincoln

The Great Compromiser
Hernando & Ayers Alleys at East Vine - Map It

Stop #9 - Mind, Body, Soul

Mind, Body, Soul
East Vine at Quality Street - Map It