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Lexington Public Library Walking Tours

Lexington's Gratz Park Historic District Walking Tour

Full Walking Tour: 

Join us for a walking tour Lexington's Gratz Park Historic District. The full tour is available as a single MP3, or you can download individual tracks. For the single MP3, music will play between the stops. You can pause the track while you walk between stops.

This tour covers a walking distance of 0.4 miles.

The music clips used in this tour are from “Walking Barefoot on Grass” by Kai Engel, and are used with a CCBY license. It is available here:

Stop #1 Welcome & History of Gratz Park

Transylvania Stone Marker

Northern Corner of the Park - Map It

Stop #2 Gratz Park Fountain

Gratz Park Fountain

Just south of the stone marker - Map It

Stop #3 Hope House

Hope House

304 West Third Street - Map It

Stop #4 Goodloe Houses

Goodloe Houses

239, 243, and 247 North Mill Street - Map It

Stop #5 Wickliffe House

Wickliffe House

226 West Second Street - Map It

Stop #6 Ridgely House

Ridgely House

190 Market Street - Map It

Stop #7 Bodley Bullock House

Bodley Bullock House

200 Market Street - Map It

Stop #8 Alexander Moore House

Alexander Moore House

216 Market Street - Map It

Stop #9 Peter Paul House

Peter Paul House

220 Market Street - Map It

Stop #10 John Stark House

John Stark House

228 Market Street - Map It

Stop #11 Shropshire House

Shropshire House

252 Market Street - Map It

Stop #12 John Anderson Houses

John Anderson Houses

258 & 262 Market Street - Map It

Stop #13 The Kitchen

The Kitchen

253 Market Street - Map It