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Welcome Back Days

Recently, we learned that you just never know when a fairly run-of-the-mill day will turn extraordinary. It didn’t take long for local and national media to turn their attention to Lexington Public Library after this social media post:


Public libraries have come a long way in the past 50 years, but it is true that most (like Lexington Public Library) still charge overdue fines for late items. But here’s the thing: we care more about you than about the fines you owe. Your public library is an amazing resource to which everyone should have access. Yes, you can check out all sorts of wonderful books, media, downloadable materials, even board games. You can also use a computer, get wifi access, take a class, attend an event, get help with your job search, genealogy, homework, digital creations, or just hang out and read a newspaper or play a game of chess with a new friend. Why would we want to withhold all that for the sake of a few dollars in fines?

The customer who returned this item shared that he hoped “to get good karma for this act…” We think the people of Lexington deserve some good karma, as well. So, here’s our offer:

Lexington Public Library hereby declares September 16 – 30, 2018 to be “Welcome Back Days” in Lexington. Bring us ALL your overdue library materials, no matter how old and we will welcome them (and you!) with open arms and no fines!

We’ll photograph the oldest items and share their stories on social media. If you have lost or damaged library materials, we want you back, too. Just tell us and we’ll take it off your record. Now more than ever, the Library is something we all need in our lives.