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Our Donors: Fiscal Year 17

Lexington Public Library Foundation enriches Lexington Public Library thanks to the generous support of the following donors in Fiscal Year 2017.  Please contact Anne Donworth at or 859-231-5557 with any inquiries or to change your recognition below. 

*indicates a multi-year commitment


John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
John and Donna Hall*
William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust



PNC FoundationA
Randleigh Charitable Trust



Lee Carroll*
Jim and Suzanne Elliott*
The Shukla Family



James E. Bassett, III*
Bertha Lebus Charitable Trust
Blue Grass Community Foundation
Community Trust Bank
Anne and Richie Donworth*
Ann and Mark Hammond*
The Pin Oak Charitable Fund at Blue Grass Community Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Sineath*
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Smith*


BB&T Insurance Services
Catholic Health Initiatives
Community Trust Bank
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
David and Daisy Pulito
Bluegrass Sotheby's International Realty
Wells Bullard and Harding Dowell
Mike and Karen Burke
Mr. and Mrs. T. Bennett Clark
Columbia Gas of Kentucky
Dr. and Mrs. Lisle Dalton
Downtown Lexington Partnership
Federated Campaign Stewards
Dr. and Mrs. James G. Gay
Pearson & Peters Architects
Keeneland Association
Lexington Public Library Employees
McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland
Orphans Society of Lexington
Lynnette and Craig RauvolaBouta
Rotary Club Endowment
Stites & Harbison
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky
Traditional Bank
John and Jacqueline Van Willigen
Anonymous x 2
Mike and Paige Bensing
Jeanne and Kennth Clark
Naomi Clewett, in memory of Mary Carol Cooper
The Pulliam Company
Fayette County Public Schools
The Fister Group at Morgan Stanley
Cathryn Gibson
Kentucky Educational Savings Plan Trust
Kentucky League of Cities
Morgan Stanley Foundation
Partners for Youth
Passport Health Plan
Powell Walton Milward
Ron and Judith Isaacs
Kathleen M. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Young, Jr.
Betty Abdmishani
Douglas Andersen
Ramsey Bova and Robert Hammond
Kimberly and David Brennen
Tiffany and Drew Fleming
Lisa Goecke
Larry and Debbie Jones
Mary Ellen Klatte
Dongfeng Li
Wayne and Shirley Wiegand
Davis Potter
The Sevigny Family Fund at Blue Grass Community Foundation
Stephanie and John Spires
Steve and Diana Pulliam
Charlotte and John Clay Stites
Hunter Stout
Katie Tibbitts
Mr. and Mrs. George M. VanMeter, Jr.
Tom Wallace and Luke Hodges
Meredith and Jonathan Watson
West Sixth Brewing
Yajaira and Turner West
Mr. and Mrs. Byron T. Westerfield
Wayne and Shirley Wiegand
Brendan Yates
$249 and under
Anonymous x3
Aaron and Andrea Palmer
David Tanner Abney
Mariam Addarrat
African American Cemetery Number 2
Charlene Aitkin
Ban Al-Attar
Alann and Kristi Karow
Alfred and Joynce Gwinn
Russell Allen
James C. Allison, II
Alpha Delta Kappa, Mu Chapter
Catherine Anderson
Kate Anderson
Elliott L. Appelbaum
Jacki Arakaki
Architectural Kitchens and Baths
Angela Marie Arey
Julie and Brian Armentrout
David and Stephanie Arnold
Mary Arthur
William Asher
Stephanie Banks
Vickie Batzka
Suzanne A. Bays
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Beasley
Matthew S. Beebe
Thelma Bergman
Karen Bernard
Jeff Binford
Nora Frances Blanton
Dr. and Mrs. M. Cary Blaydes
Mindy Bockrath
Alanson and Charlie Boden
J. Keith Bohart
Terry Bopp
Jessica Brandenburg
Erin Brester
Mrs. Katherine Brewer
Walter Brewer
Julia Brock
Charles Brohard
Deborah M Brook
Mr. and Mrs. George Brooks, III
Ronald C. Bruzina
John Buchart
Terry D Buckner
Jarrett Burns
Karalee Cain
Laura Calmes
H. Alexander Campbell
Louis A. “Buzz” Carmichael
Mary J. Cartmel
Ashley Castelvecchi
Michael Chambers
James Chandler
Roger Moreton Chesser
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Joseph Chylstun
Holly Clark
William Harry Clarke
Jim and Missy Clifton
Susan Cohn
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Coleman
John Connelly
Judy M Cooper
William L Cooper
Stuart Cope
Annamarie and Roy Cornett
John J. and Delphine Coupal
Gary and Nancy Craft
Michelle Craft
Carla Creager
Gil W. Cumbee
J Ann Cummins
Ann R Danoff
David and Patricia Miller
John H. Davies
Greg Davis
W Clayton David
Harold E Dawson
Raymond Debolt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeCamp
Laura DeCinque
Elizabeth Deener
Cynthia B Deitz
Dennis B Hacker and Juanice Gillespie
Donna Gene Dixon
Joshua Douglass
Allison Downing
Susan Downing
Stephen Driesler
Drura and Aurora Parrish
Christopher A Eckert
Stephen G Edelstein
Charles D Ellis
David C Ellmann
Rolf M. Embertson
Meredith and Jordan English
Neva Etter
William E. Ezzell, Jr
James T Faddis
Robert Faesy, III
Donald A Falace
Claude and Elizabeth Farley
Thomas Fehrenbach
Roda M Ferraro
Marci Fraenkel
Caroline and Arthur W Francis
Leslie Anne Francis
Kenneth J. Francke
Wayne Frazier
Gregory A Freedman
Elizabeth and George Freeman
Walther Freybert
Friends of the Library Bookstore
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Gabbert
Jeffrey C. Garrett
Christopher J. Gay
Ruth Ann Gaylord
Gerald and Florence Urban
Teresa G Gevedon
Michael A Goforth
Jonathan Golding
Priscila S Gomez
Autumn Renee Grace
Karen Grace
E. Graham
Christi Gresham
Phil J Gross
Patty Gschwender
Gregory L Hager
Sue R Hager
Barbara J Hall
Colleen Hall
Rubina Hameed
Glenna Hamilton
John M Harrison
Nancy Harvey
Phyllis R Hasbrouck
Tonya Head
Christopher J and Mary M Heinz
John A Henderson
Alan B Hersh
Joanne Hilliard
Carol S Hodges
Addison Hosea, II
Ike and Linda VanMeter
Sandra B Ireland
Eric D Iversen
James and Jennifer McKenzie
Jennifer and Jeremy Alexander
Janis B Jennings
John and Courtney Rhorer
John and Maggie Draus
John and Sandra Deaton
Jill Johnson
David F Jones
Joseph Beth Booksellers
Joseph M. and Mauritia Kamer
Shannon Kidd
Richard A Kielar
Karen E King
Mary Kissner
Judy Goldsmith and Andrew Klapper
KPC Architectural Products
Kelly Lamm
Eva LaRue
Lauren and Joseph Wells
Dena R Lawing
Susie Lawrence
Meredith Lepley
Jenny and Patrick Lewis
Molly and Rob Lewis
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government
Keith Lindsey
Graydon A Long
Marianne Long
Nora G Lovan
Megan Lucy
Kristina Lukehart
Taura Lutzke
Jane Madden
Elizabeth W Maggio
Malcolm and Susan Lambing
Jane Manning
Margaret and John Stoeckinger
David A Marye
Chad Massie
Matt Gorum and Claire Hart
Alexis Mattingly
Lynda J Matusek
Charlotte and Mike McCoy
Caroline M McEachern
Amy Meadows
Lori and John Meister
Philippe Migneault
Robert E Milward
Catherine Mozingo
Jean R Moore
Lillian M Moore
Elizabeth Morely
Charlotte F Moss
Mr. and Mrs. John Funk
Joseph B Murphy
Stephanie and Joe Nallia
Joseph David Napier
Irvathur N Nayak
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B Nicholson
Bruce and Mott Nicol
John Noran
Nicholas A Novosel
Anne O’Brien
Frances H Orr
Jack Osman
Mary S Owens
Jordan Parker
Steve Parker
Sean and Stephanie Parkin
Rob and Kelli Parmley
Jason Parrish
Roger Parry
Ranchhod J Patel
Gina A Petty
Sara Pickens
Edna C Pitts
Floria Poole
David and Beth Porter
Gwendolyn Potter
Susan Price
Katherine A Profitt
Carolyn F Purcell
Monica Quinn
Weston and Taylor Rains
Reese and Becky Reinhold
Sean Reilley
Ann C Render
Richard and Robin Reames
Elizabeth Roach
Louise C Robinson
Susannah Roitman
Cassidy and Lee Rosenthal
Daniel and Wendy Rowland
Rebecca Rudd
Robert Rummell, Jr
Palisa Rushin
Carol Saarimaki
Kooros Sajadi
Erin and Seth Salomon
Nat H Sandler
Sanjay and Mital Shah
Santiago and Jessica Moreno
Sarah and Fred Gibbs
Julie Scalos
Robert Schiavone
Amanda Schmitt
Dorothy A Schnettler
Roger L Paige and Sara J Schoenberg
Paul A Schwartz
Scott and Katie Shepherd
Scott and Lauren----
Thomas Scott
Ben and Rebecca Self
Nina S Sellars
Denise and Charles R Shanks
Randy Shaw
Marianne H Sherman
Barbara T Shippy
John Shotwell
Dorothea Sims
Joan A Smith
Anthony Snowden
Devan Sorenson
Brett T. Spear
Susan Spires
Bethany Split
Lindsay Spradlin
Carlotta Spry
Steve and Kelly Stadler
John D. Stewart and Magdalene Karon
Kesler Stivers
Stacia Street
Jordan and Dawn Strickler
Glenda P Survant
Ann and Ted Tauchert
Tom Cheek and Fran Taylor
Thomas and Cheryl Bensberg
Thomas and Janice Nieman
Thomas and Martha Haynes
Anthony Thompson
Cathy Thompson
Paul Thoms
Daniel Thornberry
Nataliya Timoshevskaya
Ron Toops
Robert J. and Barbara B Travis
Marie Tychonievich
University of Kentucky
Gerry Vandermeer
Virginia V Vanhorne
Mary F Vaughan
Leonard Vowels
Mixon Ware
Alice Wasielewski
Sidney Webb
Gregory K Weller
John E Wheeler
Kimberly wickens
Howard Wiles
Anna Lee Wilkerson
Rebecca and Jack Wilkinson
William and Carole Palmer
William and Rita Collins
Sharon Kay Williams
William H Wilson
Mary L Wise
Debora Witham
Christine Wittmer
Serenity T Wright
Zeldis Research Associates
Ann Zimmer