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Experiential Learning is learning by doing. It is an interactive and hands on process. In this process the learner is driven by their individual questions and objectives. The Experiential Learning Team provides the platform and resources for learners to observe, experience, practice and refine skills related to the arts, STEM, and the preservation of stories. The Experiential Learning Staff develops methods to challenge and engage learners and guide them in the development of the skills they need in order to define and refine their questions and meet their individual objectives.

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This space invites children and students to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math through hands-on experiences. Programming events targeted toward upper elementary and... more info

An index of the cemetery resources located in the Kentucky Room at the Central Library.

African Cemetery No. 2
Seventh St, Lexington KY

  • History of the Lexington Cemetery by Burton Milward p. 17-18
  • Lexington Herald 01/23/80 A-3 col. 5-6
  • Lexington Herald 06/03/80 A-3 col. 1-4 and A-4
  • Lexington Herald-Leader 06/02/98 D-1 col. 1-4 and D-4 (LVF)
  • Lexington Herald-Leader 11/04/98 "Bluegrass Communities" p. 4
  • Lexington Herald-Leader 05/28/00... more info
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