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Cyrus Parker Jones Funeral Notices

The Cyrus Parker Jones Funeral Notice collection contains 667 funeral cards of Lexington residents during the years of 1806-1886. Cyrus Parker Jones was once enslaved by the Parker family, and was emancipated upon the death of Elizabeth Parker, Mary Todd Lincoln’s grandmother, in 1849. The notices include deaths of people belonging to prominent families, infants, and at least seven free blacks.

Prior to his death in 1887, Jones donated his collection to a trustee of the Lexington Public Library, James M. Duff. Duff then donated the collection to the Library in 1900. It appears Duff added a few funeral notices to the book himself, and it ends with a notice that the library is closed for Duff's funeral, inserted later by an unknown library staff member. The physical collection is named “Duff’s Funeral Notices”, but we have renamed the digital collection to recognize Cyrus Parker Jones, and accurately reflect the collection’s origin.

The Funeral Notices are searchable by keyword.

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