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What We Do

Support from the Library Foundation empowers change within our public library system



Destination Kindergarten

The Library has long offered top quality early learning programs, reading materials, and professional children’s librarians, who are experts in early literacy.  Still, the Kentucky Department of Education continues to rate just half of incoming Fayette County Public School kindergarteners as “ready to learn.”  To prepare the other half of incoming students, the Library will unveil Destination Kindergarten in early 2019.  The comprehensive program is designed to enhance learning experiences within each of our six libraries, community partner locations, and up to 20 childcare facilities.

Dig Deep and Read Y'all

Lexington Public Library will again offer its signature Summer Reading Program for 2019. The series of programs includes over 1,100 individual activities which will be held at each of our six library locations, community partner sites, and at childcare facilities throughout Fayette County. The program’s theme, “Dig Deep and Read Y’all,” will highlight Central Kentucky’s unique attributes and cultures.  Topics will include local archeology, gardening, genealogy, and many other local interests.

Phoenix Forward

Indoor/Outdoor programming and installations at Central Library and adjacent Phoenix Park to reinvigorate the downtown spaces through the Knight Cities Challenge.  Highlights include the new Discovery and Play Lab at Central Library, two mobile book carts to bring materials into the Park, and a Charlie Cart, or portable teaching kitchen, to teach culinary literacy at Central Library, Phoenix Park, and throughout the city.

Partners include Lexington Downtown Development Authority, Lexington Parks & Recreation, Downtown Lexington Corporation, Blue Grass Community Foundation, Knight Foundation, and many others.

Tiny Library Project

Commissioned 50 book exchange units to be placed throughout the community in order to improve access to reading materials.
Partners include Nomi Design, The Hope Center, Parks & Recreation, and many others.
More on Tiny Libraries


2018 Programming Year in Review

The Library hosted over 2,500 events, classes, storytimes, performances and more at our locations for over 55,000 attendees.

We served many thousands more through outreach and off-site programming. 


Programming in 2018 from A to Z (with much more in between!)

  • A is for Affrilachian Tales and Ad-libbing and Air Cannons and Architecture and Anime
  • B is for Bourbon and Birding and Bluegrass Music and Belly Dancing and Bob Ross and Bicyles and Bees and Bristle Bots and Budgets and Butter
  • C is for Cat Castles and Calligraphy and Composting and Cosplay and Cemetery Symbolism and Coding and Corn Husk Dolls and Cold Cases and Cholera
  • D is for Dog Treats and Dendrochronology and Dinosaurs and Duct Tape and Drumming
  • E is for Etsy and Escape Rooms and Enviroment and Emojis and Electronics and Engineering
  • F is for Farm to Table and “FRIENDS” and Folk Art and Floam and Fortnite
  • G is for Genealogy and Goonies and Golden Girls and Gourd Painting and Glow in the Dark Dance Parties and Grant Writing and Geology and Gingerbreads and Gardening and Green Screens
  • H is for Homesteading and Headshots and Hovercrafts and Horses and Household Cleaners
  • I is for Insects and Instant Pots and Improv and Ice Cream Sundaes and Irish Step-Dancing
  • J is for Jane Austen and Jazz and Jobs and Jamborees
  • K is for Kaleidoscopes and Kentucky Gift Tags and Karaoke
  • L is for Legos and the Lorax and Lexington History
  • M is for Mocktails and Medicinal Plants and Murals and Mosaics and Meal Planning
  • N is for Non-Profits and Native American History and Nineties and Nature Awareness
  • O is for Orchestra and Origami and On the Table and Olympics
  • P is for Pointillism and Podcast Making and Painting and Passports and Passenger Lists and Poetry and Pop-a-shot
  • Q is for Quilts and Queer History
  • R is for Resumes and Retirement and Recycling and Retro Tech
  • S is for Succulents and Slime and Spelunking and Shakers and Salts and Spanish and Swing Dance and Sushi and Sewing and Seed Bombs and Snow Cones
  • T is for Twitch Streaming and Trees and Tattoos and Tai Chi and 3D Printing and Tie Dye and Trains and Trivia and TV Streaming
  • U is for Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  • V is for Victorian Bereavement Customs and Violins and Video Games and Volunteering and Virtual Reality and Vegetable Gardening
  • W is for Wilderness Survival and Walking Tours and Wizards
  • X is for the eXtraordinary and eXpert programmers who made it all possible
  • Y is for Yearbook Show and Tell and Youtube Stardom
  • Z is for Zombie Laser Tag and Petting Zoos