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Lexington and Fayette County Government Documents

Until 1974, Lexington and Fayette County had two separate governing bodies. Lexington itself was founded in 1775 and chartered in 1782 by an act of the Virginia General Assembly, since Kentucky itself did not achieve statehood until 1792. Fayette County was formed in 1780, and spanned what is currently about a third of the state, before achieving its current boundary lines in 1799. 
The Lexington Fayette Urban County Government became a consolidated government in 1974. The digitized items in this collection are primarily Lexington city documents or merged city-county documents. The earliest digitized item is Lexington’s 1858 city charter and ordinances. The full list of available ordinances and reports can be accessed by clicking here.
The current local government documents in this collection (in publication order):
  • 1858 Lexington Charter and Ordinances
  • 1877 Lexington City Ordinances
  • 1894 City Budget and Reports
  • 1896 City Budget and Reports
  • 1908 City Budget and Reports
  • 1923 City Budget and Reports
  • 1924 Low Income Housing Study
  • 1931 Lexington Comprehensive Plan
  • 1938 Health Department Report
  • 1940 Health Department Report
  • 1965 Nuclear Fallout Shelter Plan
  • 1966 Downtown Lexington Development Plan
  • 1966 Lexington Downtown Design Plan
  • 1970 Low-Income Housing Study
  • 1971 Irishtown Davistown South Hill Study
  • 1974 Downtown Preservation Study
  • 1975 Pralltown Development Study

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