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Garage Repairs - Phase 2 - Request for Proposal


RFP Basic Description


The Lexington Public Library (LPL) system is seeking proposals from licensed contractors with experience in Parking Garage restoration and membrane installation.



The following describes the expectations of contract.

  1. Install Traffic membrane on sixth and 5th floors.
  2. Re-stripe parking spaces.
  3. Misc. concrete slab and surface repairs.


Job Timeline

The contractor, upon award, shall develop a timeline for work that is acceptable with Library and THP contacts. Minimal blocking of upper floors is to be built into work, as possible and discussed with Library and THP contacts. 

Contract Terms and Conditions


Project Questions, Timeline, and Submittals


All inquiries and/or submittals should be directed to the contact below.


  1.  Address/Send to –

    Michael Connolly
    140 East Main Street
    Lexington, KY  40507


OR Email your proposal to:


  1. Submit intention to bid along with any questions about the project no later than February 10th.
    Pre-bid walk through at Central Library February 18th 9:30am.
    Bids will be accepted no later than 4:00pm on Friday February 28th.
  1. The submittal will contain the following items:
  1. Vendor Qualifications
  2. Client List
  3. Description of Project
  4. Project Cost


**Lexington Public Library thanks you for your time and your proposal**